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Angela Hall

International Massage Therapist, Founder of Equine Massage Academy, Course Writer and Zoopharmacognosist

Angela is the founder of EMA - Equine Massage Academy, and it's sister company AIAT - Academy of Integrative Animal Therapy.  She is a highly qualified professional with a wealth of intenational equine therapy and teaching experience.  Her love for horses is clear when you observe her working with them and she constantly explores how the human and horse partnership can be improved upon.

She remains current with scientific research through her partnership with Bishop Burton College and  its Royal Agriculture College degree programme and how science and research relates to her work and teachings whilst always exploring new techniques to add to her extensive repertoire of skills including alternative therapies.

She has worked with traumatised, abused and rescued horses (far too commonplace in our society) to Group 1 world class racehorses and Grand Prix Dressage and Show Jumping horses.  They are all horses to her, each fulfilling a unique equestrian role and more often thn not, need our support.

Her experience of therapy and teaching spans UK, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Information about EMA courses can be found in our EDUCATION pages, or by visiting the EMA website


Angela Hall
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