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Maria Score

The Western Saddler
Founder of The Saddler's Technique

Maria has spent many years learning about saddle fitting, girthing, saddle pads and equine behaviour, to help every horse, donkey and mule she sees.  Maria works with many breeds and ages of equine.

For like-minded individuals, Maria has designed a Western and Treeless Saddle Fitting course, which is aimed at various groups of people;

  • The Western Saddler's Course - For those who would like to work with Maria, on a self-employed basis, covering the UK and parts of Europe.   This is an in-depth course for those sharing Maria's passion for ensuring the best levels of comfort for equines

  • The Equine Professionals Course - For bodyworkers and other professionals working with a 'whole horse' approach who want to further their knowledge

  • Horse Owner's Course (Western) - For owners who would like to be able to recognise poorly fitting western saddles and gain an understanding on cinching and padding.

  • Horse Owner's Course (Treeless) - For those wishing to recognise poorly fitting treeless saddles, with learning also surrounding girthing and padding.

For further details about this fantastic opportunity, please visit our EDUCATION pages or head direct to Western and Treeless Saddle Fitting Courses.

Maria Score
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