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The Dogenius Institute

Equine Level 5 Diploma in Equine Welfare, Behaviour & Training

The course was co-written by Irene Perrett and Teresa Tyler and is unique in its approach to equine education.  The Institute prioritise the emotional elements of understanding animals as well as physical welfare.  They have pushed the boundaries of the equine education offerings and take their students on an in-depth journey through all aspects of equine life.

The Diploma course is mapped to Ofqual Level Descriptors of Level 5, and offers a comprehensive learning opportunity for those wishing to begin, or continue their work as an ethical and knowledgable equine professional. 

IEP welcomes DGI equine students and graduates, so if you're working on this course, or have completed it, why not check out our membership benefits?

Information about the Diploma can be found on the DGI website, along with all their other opportunities!

Irene Perrett MA, Cert Ed., BHS IV SM
Teresa Tyler PhD, MA, Grad Dip ABM, Dip CB, VN, IQA, EQA

The Dogenius Institute
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