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A talk by Anna Haines from
Equine Behaviour Solutions
Hosted by Helen Gilbert


LOCATION: Puddletown Village Hall DT2 8RX

DATE: 17th April, 2024 at 7.30pm


Anna Haines, Equine Behaviour Solutions

Helen Gilbert, Equine & Canine Remedial Massage Therapist

Sleep is a fascinating element of equine behaviour that the average horse owner may not know much about but it has a fundamental effect on our horse's behaviour.

When our horses are unable to gain the sleep they require for a healthy life, this can result in sleep deprivation which can be devastating for both horse and owner.

During this talk we will explore the importance of sleep, how horses sleep, how to recognise sleep deprivation and what you can do about it.
Healthy sleep is an important part of your equine's life so why not come along and learn all you need to know about sleep in horses.

Tickets from from Helen Gilbert on Facebook 

or email

Tickets pre booked are £15
Students £10
on the door £20
Refreshments provided

Looking forward to seeing you all.

IEP member, Helen Gilbert explains her motivation behind organising a variety of talks in her local area for equine enthusiasts;

"As a bodyworker you soon find out that bodywork can sometimes be the tip of the iceberg and feel that we should know so much more with regard to horses, behaviour, nutrition, hooves, tack and so on. I have looked into a few of these things spending days with saddle fitters and doing a foundation day on saddle fitting and bridle fit lots of CPD on other introductions to hoof balance and nutrition to name a few. Anything really to help the horse be more comfortable physically and emotionally and helping the owners understand and to make better decisions."


Having delved into various areas of equine health and wellbeing herself, Helen felt it would be extremely valuable for horse owners and other equine professionals to have the opportunity to learn more about Whole Horse Health.  She has been running regular talks locally for the past few months - keep an eye on her Facebook Page for forthcoming events!

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