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PhD, Eng
Equine Behaviour Consultant, Researcher and Hippotherapist

Location/Areas Covered: Poland
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Katarzyna Olczak, PhD, Eng, is an equine behaviour consultant, practicing instructor of horse riding and hippotherapy in Poland.  She completed two semesters in scientific internships in foreign research centres (in Texan and Denmark).  Katarzyna likes working with young horses the most.  She has set herself the goal of building a bridge between science and practice, which is essential for improving the well-being of horses.

Currently, Katarzyna focuses on educating people, is a member of ISES and tries to spread knowledge for the benefit of horses.  The most important assumptions in her work are to debunk myths and stereotypes that harm horses, follow needs of horses, spread awareness about the welfare of these animals and train horses tailored to individual predispositions.

Impressively, Katarzyna has co-written a number of reserach papers, a list of which can be found here (pdf download) and here.  If you would like access to the full articles, please contact her - one of Katarzyna's goals is to help others in their education

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