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At IEP we are all in favour of furthering our education, keeping abreast of new research, enhancing our understanding of various aspects of the industry and of equines.  The fact that there is always more to learn is exciting! We have a range of suggestions within our education pages which we hope you will find useful, from webinars and CPD, to research papers, books and courses.  If you have a specific enquiry which isn't answered amongst these, please feel free to drop us a line!

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IEP runs regular webinars covering a wide variety of topics.  We aim to cater for different niches of equine care, and always welcome suggestions for future topics.  Our webinars are recorded and available to watch without a time limit.  This means that even if you didn't purchase a ticket prior to the event, you are able to buy a recording.  Please visit our Webinars page for more information.  If you'd like to subscribe to our webinar updates list, please Email us

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IEP members have full access to our Articles page which contains a range of pieces written by both IEP members and also guest contributors.  In addition, we have selected some research papers which make for very interesting reading. If you would like to contribute an article, please email us!

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We are very pleased to recommend a variety of courses and CPD opportunities authored, tutored and/or hosted by IEP members.  In addition, we have an ongoing collaboration with The Dogenius Institute, and for anyone looking to study at Level 5, their Equine Welfare, Behaviour & Training Diploma is highly recommended.  IEP members enjoy a 20% discount on this course.  Please visit Courses from IEP Members and The Dogenius Institute pages.


A range of books and newsletters - some authored by our members, and some from other writers who we feel have published valuable and interesting resources.  Please visit our Recommended Reading page for our picks

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Friends of IEP is a Facebook group that we created for likeminded people - whether you're an IEP member or not.  Social media can be a difficult place to navigate, especially with so many different views on emotive subjects.  We wanted to provide a safe place where people who share our ethics and desire for quality of life for equines can discuss, share, ask questions or seek advice.  We have three simple questions which should appear when you request to join - these are there simply to ensure that it stays a safe place, but we are always pleased to welcome new members. Click HERE to join!

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