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As its name suggests, the DoGenius Institute provide a huge array of learning opportunities of various levels and covering a wide variety of subjects surrounding canines.  However, with Irene Perrett already one of their course writers and tutors, an equine qualification course was very much a natural evolution to their learning opportunities.  Irene's background in equine education leant itself to creating a scientifically current, ethically focused and comprehensive course for those wishing to work as ethical equine professionals.  As such, they have now launched their Level 5 Diploma in Equine Welfare, Training & Behaviour, Co-written by Irene and Dr Teresa Tyler and tutored by Irene.

Teresa Tyler PhD, MA, Grad Dip ABM, Dip CB, VN, IQA, EQA

Irene Perrett MA, Cert Ed., BHS IV SM


  • Diploma meeting descriptors for Level 5

  • 2 year course programme

  • 7 Modules encompassing 394 guided learning hours

  • UK Rural Skills accredited

  • Providing practical, theoretical and technical knowledge for ethical equine professionals


Previous study in equine related subjects to Level 4 is advised

1. Induction

2. Equine Evolution

3. Domestication and Roles of Horses

4. Anatomy & Physiology

5. Equine Behaviour

6. Equine training and management

7. Equine Ethics

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We are delighted to be working with The DoGenius Institute - their ethos completely aligns with our own and IEP is wholeheartedly in support of furthering ethically based and up to date education in the equine field. We believe that their Level 5 course is unique in exploring not only all aspects of the equine as a physical being but also their affective experiences and how these are influenced by everything from ethology to horse-human interactions.

We are honoured to be able to offer IEP Student, Full and Corporate Members 20% discount on the Level 5 Equine Welfare, Training & Behaviour Dipoma, with huge thanks to The DoGenius Institute!!!

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IEP board member, Irene Perrett has been a writer and tutor of some of the DGI's canine courses since their inception. Irene’s involvement with rescue dogs resonates with her long-held passion to better understand the relationship between human and non-human animals. She has a background in equine education, contributing to the development of professional equine courses and works with a range of horses and their guardians.  A Romanian rescue dog sparked her desire to study canine behaviour, with subsequent qualifications in teaching, training, bereavement, animal cruelty and well-being. Irene lives with two Romanian rescue dogs, a Devon collie and three cats, and fosters dogs both from the UK and abroad. She has a particular interest in the rights of human and non-human others, engendering cohesive and empathic interspecies relationships

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