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Equine Behaviour Consultant, Applied Ethologist and Researcher

Location/Areas Covered: California, International Remotely

(001) 510-704-3631


Désirée received her equine behaviourist qualifications from the Natural Animal Centre, then located in the UK and South Africa. She specializes in applied ethology which draws from the immense body of research on equines in the wild.


With that foundation, she applies practices that create loving, resonant relationships between horses, people and their environment. She collaborates with equine professionals worldwide on research projects specific to experiences of domesticated horses from an ethological lens. She is a horse mom, a rider and has cared for and supported numerous horses over the years.

Désirée has recently launched a new newsletter, covering a broad range of equine related topics, appealing to a wide audience. The Bodhi Horse Practice (BHP) Newsletter is a curated email sent monthly. Its simple format contains links to scientific research articles, the arts, philosophy, and everyday best practices shared by equine professionals and carers worldwide. Join for 5 USD/month. Your contribution helps fund work that provides universal access to resources no matter circumstances. Click HERE to see a sample of the newsletter or you can Subscribe Here

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