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PhD, C.Psychol

Equine Behaviour Consultant, Positive Reinforcement Trainer, Ethologist

Location/Areas Covered: Scotland

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Dorothy is a positive reinforcement trainer, ethologist and psychologist, endorsed by the World Bitless Association and the Pet Professional Guild.  She is a passionate advocate of making the science of learning theory accessible to both equine owners and professionals, in order that people can gain a deeper understanding of equine behaviour, and ultimately improve relationships with their companions.

Dorothy is a keen blogger on all things equine and shares are valuable experience and knowledge via her own blog Horses Under Our Skin.  She is also one of the four woman team who have created Positive Equine Training Scotland. PETS provides a wide range of services using positive reinforcement to help owners with their training and a variety of husbandary behaviours, all enhancing the relationship with their equines.

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