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The future wellbeing of equines depends upon the generations that follow.  Therefore, provision of education to young people is critical.  At IEP we are extremely supportive of those offering learning opportunities based around the true understanding of equines, from an ethological, emotional and ethical standpoint.




Equischolars is an activity-based, modular curriculum programme, designed for young learners and delivered by equine establishments.  It's founder, Kate Blackmore spent many years working in a variety of equine settings, and the inspiration for creating Equischolars came from her time with an Equine Therapy Centre.  It really has been born out of a true passion for enhancing the lives of equines, whilst providing safe and accessible learning opportunities. See more about Kate HERE.

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Young people with a desire to learn and understand equines are crucial for tomorrow's welfare and wellbeing of these wonderful animals.  They are Stewards of the Horse.  By taking part in the Equischolars programme, young people are learning about being the horse's advocate, pushing the boundaries of the typical welfare paradigm, recognising individuality, diversity, experiencing empathy and applying this in a practical sense with domesticated equines.  Believing in, and embracing Equischolar's core values, its learners take on a level of responsibility, but with that comes reward on many levels!



Without doubt, the pandemic meant that businesses all over the world had to diversify, create new revenue streams and adapt to a new reality.  Although we are now moving on from such times, many are now reaping additional rewards from what they managed to build during the height of the pandemic, and integrating new business models into their mainstream activities.

Riding establishments often find it difficult to maximise revenue due to the high demand on horses for riding lessons.  By adding the Equischolars programme into your business model, not only does this provide an interactive, activity-based and engaging programme for your young clients, but it also serves as an additional revenue stream which COMPLIMENTS your existing business activities.

The curriculum is largely based around 'on the ground' learning, which means that you create an income whilst your equines are not being asked to partake in additional physical work.  In this way, Equischolras provides added value for you as a business, your clients AND your equines.

The modular curriculum is designed to be delivered by you and your staff, and can be used as many times as you like.

More information about how Equischolars can really enhance your business, click HERE, or contact them directly to discuss how the programme can work with your individual business.

About Kate

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Equine Behaviour & Training Consultant, Founder and Curriculum Author of Equischolars

Kate is a certified Equine Behaviourist who's heart and soul is devoted to equine welfare, and educating future equestrian generations in all aspects of science based and ethological equine learning. She has many years experience in working with horses and humans, formerly the Head of Welfare at the Conquest Centre, an equine therapy organisation in Devon.  During the latter years of her time there, she was working extra hours on an exciting new venture...


In 2021, she launched a groundbreaking youth education programme called Equischolars.  Not only does Kate focus on equine welfare, but a huge element of Equischolars is working with youngsters to help them to build positive outlooks, increase confidence, encourage communication and providing routes to self-empowerment.

Equischolars has been hugely successful and has reached a number of countries around the world.  The future of equine welfare lays with the upcoming generations, and as such IEP are extremely supportive of Kate's ventures.

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