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Equine Nutritionist and Behaviourist

Location/Areas Covered: Berkshire, Oxfordshire and National/International Remotely

+44 7582 704830

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Geertje is all about looking at the horse from the inside out, and is a bit proponent of natural habitats.  She specialises in Holistic Individual Equine Nutrition Planning, Feed related behaviours, and feed related syndrome and injury.  Her qualifications in nutrition, equine management and aromatherapy mean that she is able to offer wide-ranging advice to anyone hoping to improve their equine's environment and sense of wellbeing.

Geertje has recently launched Horsewell Equine Support, which amongst other services, offers the creation of feed charts for your horse or pony which are designed individually for them in order to provide the best all round diet considering all aspects.  In addition, as the name suggests,  Geertje has a passion for enrichment, which includes not only mental stimulation, but also safety, security, social outlets, environment management and sensory integration.

Sometimes the environments our horses live in are out of our control, if managed by someone else (such as a livery yard).  Given these constraints (among others), it's not always easy to provide a natural habitat but Geertje looks to work with individuals to create the best possible management options in order to bring the environment as close as possible to a natural one. In line with this, Geertje has recently embarked on another course focusing on SWARD management, which looks to address the requirements of equine pasture land in terms of agronomy, but also shelter, fencing and water.

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