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Equine Behaviour Consultant, Trauma-Informed Care Specialist, Enrichment Consultant and Equine-Human Relationship Coach. Box Rest Support, Unhandled/Nervous Horse Long-term Support

Location/Areas Covered: London and Surrounding Counties

+44 7763 317464

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Jessie is an animal behaviour consultant who completed a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare Science at the University of Greenwich in 2012, she is currently doing her Bsc Equine Health and Welfare at the Royal Agricultural University. She is also currently undertaking her certification to become a Clinical Animal Behaviourist and has been accepted as a Provisional Member of the APBC. She has been around horses since a young child and prior to working as a behaviour consultant she worked with a wide range of horses in different settings and circumstances including work with showjumpers and racehorses. Jessie competed up to young riders level and produced her pony as a Junior from British Novice to JA.From here she grew a passion for giving horses the very best start regardless of discipline using a holistic approach of the horses psychological and physical wellbeing.


After completing her degree she then developed an interest in positive reinforcement training and trauma informed and relationship based approaches . She also works in a mixed general practice with horses and dogs, many of whom have suffered trauma. Jessie has a special interest in trauma in non-human animals and incorporates trauma informed care principles into her work. Her approach is integral and focuses on the whole animal with the aim of improving animal – human relationships by facilitating safe relationships and experiences from which a solid foundation and relationship can be built. She is also passionate about affiliative and social behaviour between horses and how this translates to our relationships with them. Jessie works alongside Dr Emily Kieson as Co-facilitator in the Equines as Companions course and is involved in research and data collection (details of this course and other events which Jessie is involved in can be found within our Education pages).

Jessie's consultancy work encompasses all aspects of equine and also canine behaviour, with a special interest in Trauma Informed Care.  She now also offers Equine Body Language coaching, box rest support and long-term packages for unhandled/nervous horses.

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