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Equine Behaviour & Training Consultant, Founder and curriculum author, Equischolars.

Location/Areas Covered: International

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Kate is an equine behaviour and training consultant who's heart and soul is devoted to equine welfare, and educating future equestrian generations in all aspects of science based and ethological equine learning. She has many years experience in working with horses and humans, formerly the Head of Welfare at the Conquest Centre, an equine therapy organisation in Devon.  During the latter years of her time there, she was working extra hours on an exciting new venture...


In 2021, she launched a groundbreaking youth education programme called Equischolars.  Not only does Kate focus on equine welfare, but a huge element of Equischolars is working with youngsters to help them to build positive outlooks, increase confidence, encourage communication and providing routes to self-empowerment.

The Equischolars programme is aimed at those running an equine business which involves young clients.  Having invested in the Equischolars Curriculum, the business can then deliver the programme an unlimited number of times as new groups of learners join.

The curriculum is extremely interactive, with activity based learning covering various aspects of the equine from ethology to behaviour, enrichment to husbandry and positive reinforcement training - all with the welfare of the equine and human learners at heart.

Equischolars has been hugely successful and has reached a number of countries around the world.  The future of equine welfare lays with the upcoming generations, and as such we, at IEP are extremely supportive of Kate's ventures.

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