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BSc (Hons) AIUK (Dip) & Founder of Flourish Horse Health Ltd

Equine Physiologist specialising in holistic digestive health and well-being.

+44 7888 136988
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Linda’s journey began back in the 1990’s while she was working on her thesis studying Equine Science & Physiology, at the Cordoba Veterinary Faculty in Andalucia, Spain. It was here where Linda observed frequent diet-related disease in the equine population, so decided to return to the region post-graduation. Inspired by the wonderful Iberian horses, Linda went on to formulate and develop the first cereal-free, complete feed in Europe, to help nourish and sustain the horses she was living and working amongst. Over the years, the ‘TOTAL’ feed concept spread (mostly by word of mouth)  all over Europe and the UK where Linda continues to work, travel and spread the word for species-specific nutritional health and well-being for all equines.


Linda says ‘so many horses do not have access to their natural feeding environment and diet, so I am dedicated to finding ways we can take a little bit of nature back to the horse and nourish from the inside out.

During the lockdown period I also took the opportunity to study Ayurvedic Plant Medicine and now apply this ancient Plant Life Science to my work, products and the horses I work with’

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