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IEP member, Rebeccah Baylis of Little Green Stables offers a wide range of career and CPD courses (for dogs as well as equines).  Featured below are her courses for 2024, but keep abreast with new dates by saving the Little Green Stables website!



September, 2024

Massage is such a super therapy & one Rebecca uses every day in my work with animals.   LGS are now teaching Merishia Massage.

Why study Merishia Massage? Incorporating Swedish and Sports Massage Techniques the course also focuses on deep tissue mobilisation techniques, releasing tension in the muscle and other soft tissues and enhancing movement of the joints. The techniques can be used to aid sports performance, support rehabilitation and improve general wellbeing.  Massage is a wonderful way to achieve relaxation and reduce the risk of injury.


Learning to massage enables YOU to assess where there is tension and discomfort, and then work on releasing those areas with simple but extremely effective techniques. 


LGS are only taking small groups to enable a friendly but professional approach enabling students to gain the most from the practical learning tasks. You are also supported with a comprehensive online resource package including videos, diagrams, quizzes and handout material. 


The 6 unit course takes approximately a year to complete combining theory and practical sessions covering assessment, massage, stretching and mobilisation techniques that will improve an animal’s suppleness and capabilities, aid in rehabilitation from injury and help to maintain or improve performance and wellbeing in life. 


2023/24 intake starts this September and the practical dates will be Saturdays for the Equine group and Sundays for the Canine group. 


This is a Level 4 Diploma Canine and Equine Merishia Massage course approved for further education accredited with NCFE (Ofqual regulated)


LGS provides a wonderful learning experience and the opportunity to work with their beautiful herd of horses and our gorgeous pack of dogs on the Devon/ Somerset border while you gain your qualification. 

For more information or to book email: or

Leve 4 Equine

June 15th, 2024

This is a 6.5 hour CPD day in Somerset, provided by Rebeccah Baylis from LGS, Clive Ponsford & Kate Blackmore


A theory day packed full of information about the health of the Equine Gut. 


We look at feeds, what's in feed, what feed does & what matters. We look at gut dysbiosis, gut conditions & how to maintain a healthy gut.


We look at environmental impact & how we can help our horses live a better life for their gut health 


This day is full of information and is aimed at Horse owners and Therapists.  £100 per student



The Equine Whole Horse Dissection course is run twice a year.  The next will take place on April 26, 27 and 28th - book your space quickly, this is a well subscribed course with limited places available!

Equine Whole Horse Dissection

This  21 hour CPD  2 day course in Somerset is provided by Rebeccah Baylis from LGS & Louise Mauferon-Vernet  

This is a 3 day full practical  weekend, exploring the horse anatomy, soft tissue, tendons, ligaments with a focus on Visceral organs. 


The first 2 days are full on & not for the squeamish. The final day is spent working with live horses the techniques learnt from the weekend. 


The course is interactive & you will have a chance to explore & discuss the body of the horse. 


 This course is for non squeamish therapists

£600 per student



This  7 hour CPD day in Somerset is provided by Rebeccah Baylis & Trudi Dempsey


This is a full theory & practical day looking at how pole work can support the ridden equine along side rehabilitation, strengthening & training. 


 Trudi: As a gymnastic dressage coach & behaviour consultant Trudi uses poles in a wide range of situations. Pole work supports balance, proprioception, coordination & flexibility but there is an often missed extra when pole work is trained with behaviour in mind. 


Introduced carefully & systematically, pole work training creates confidence & trust in the handler/rider.


Trudi promotes the idea of horses learning to be responsible for their own balance without the need for any rope or rein pressure.


During the workshop we will look at:

• Basic learning theory for rein/rope handling skills

• How to position yourself to support your horse when working on the ground

• Simple exercises for balance

• Introducing bend & flexion

• Poles in series to benefit rhythm & regularity

• Proprioception exercises

• Pole box exercises in preparation for lateral work



From a Therapist eye we will: 


  • Look at In-hand exercises for developing proprioception & straightness.

  • Long reining for core strength & improved flexibility. 

  • Ridden exercises to develop core strength & flexibility, given in walk to enable the equine therapist to provide onsite help, plus recommendations for faster paces as after care strengthening.

  • We will specifically target muscle groups according to the needs of the horse, along with general core strengthening & postural correctness of the horse.

  • The aim is to build balance, stability, enhance flexibility & coordination in the ridden equine as part of their education process. This is also valuable for re-educating post injury or for fitness training. 



This course is for anyone interested in rehabilitation & training in the ridden equine.


£60 per rider/horse (spaces are limited)

£100 per attendee (£100 per person)




Equine Agility Clinic

A morning clinic in Somerset  provided by Trudi Dempsey CEBC AAB & Rebeccah Baylis at LGS

Saturday May 18th 2024

9am - 1.30pm 


 Equine agility is a fast-growing obstacle-based discipline that helps build trust, confidence, balance, suppleness, & strength.


In this half day demonstration, we will take some of the most popular agility exercises & show you how to systematically break them down into easily taught elements. 


Learn how to introduce novel objects without creating fear or conflict & build patterns of behaviour that will also help in other areas of your equestrian life.






Understanding how horses learn guides our training & creates better more motivated partnerships. But there’s so much more to training agility. Handler fluency & fluidity of movement. Teaching the fundamental behaviours from leading, halting, backing, turning, & waiting. 


Knowing the right lines of approach & depart for each obstacle & the route through the obstacles. Adding difficulty & duration after the basic obstacle is learned & finally putting all the obstacles into a course.


This is a demonstration with horses & plenty of opportunity for questions, whilst based on agility style exercises the training will be of benefit to all equestrians. 

£60 per attendee

Please email to book: 



Saturday, July 13th, 2024

An Introduction to Equine Hanna Somatics

Hosted by LGS ran by Ilse Kemp, Equine Hanna Somatics Practitioner, Equine Massage Therapist 


 EHS is a modality that reawakens and reeducates the brain’s control of muscles.  


This gentle method embraces the mind and body not being separate and requires the horse voluntarily participate in a series of natural movements that tap into nature's way of resetting excess muscle tension. 


There is no pressure or manual therapy involved.

 It is suitable for all horses and can be a session on its own or incorporated with other modalities and techniques.  It can also be a foundational modality for horses ahead of other modalities. 

  The day includes:


  1. The history and principles of EHS 

  2. The neurophysiology of EHS 

  3. Motor Sensory Amnesia 

  4. Discussion and comparison of EHS to other hands- on modalities

  5. Examples of EHS case studies

  6. Hanna Somatics for humans - students will be guided through some HS exercises so they get to experience what the horse feels

  7. EHS demonstration of techniques and methodology - including what to do if the horse is unwilling/unable to participate

  8. Posture, movement and palpation assessment  -  working together to observe, identify etc

  9. EHS protocols for different postures/presenting somatic issues


By the end of the course students will:

- know how to do EHS correctly

- know the best way to incorporate EHS into their existing bodywork / therapeutic practices

- be able to recognise when EHS can be foundational work to do ahead of other modalities


This CPD course is an introduction to EHS and is aimed at all equine practitioners wishing to broaden and enhance their skillset.


£100 per attendee (£100 per person)


Please email to book:



This  7 hour CPD day in Somerset is provided by Rebeccah Baylis from LGS & Barefoot Trimmer: Clive Ponsford


 Discovering the Equine foot, you can not have a healthy horse with unhealthy feet. 


The foot is intimately & inextricably part of the whole horse.


In this course we look at why the foot is that shape & look at hoof function. 


What makes a healthy & unhealthy foot?


 How as therapists we can look at the foot & learn what is a healthy foot & how it will impact the whole horse, we will learn about the unhealthy foot & how that can lead to body compensation issues. 




  • Foot growth

  • Morphology

  •  Good & bad Laminae

  • The important role of soft tissue

  • Osteitis, Laminitis & more.


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A full day of practical & theory for the Equine therapist & owner.

7 hour CPD:

£100per student


OCTOBER 4TH & 5TH 2024

Influencing function in the living web of connective tissue; from biomechanical fascia to nerve and cellular communication
This course is for qualified Equine therapists looking to learn fascia techniques
Day 1 is a full learning theory Zoom with Jo Rose from Rose Holistic Therapies and Rebeccah Baylis from LGS 
Day 2 is  a full practical day with Rebeccah Baylis and Sam Manning based in Somerset
£240 pp



Offering a range of talks to local riding clubs, pony clubs & like minded animal folk, LGS also offer training for therapists covering a range of CPD subjects. 


More Equine & Canine Owner & CPD planning is well under way for 2023 covering the following topics:


Please get in touch to book your place


  • Canine Skills Day for therapists
  • Equine common conditions
  • Canine Core & Proprioception training
  • Spring & Summer Forage walks
  • Canine workshops for owners
  • Equine workshops for owners 


**Current C19 Regulations will Apply**

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