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EMA (Dist)

Advanced Practioner in Equine Integrated Support Therapies, Sports & Remedial Massage

Location/Areas Covered: Surrey

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Louise has been around horses all her life, learning to ride from a young age and later sharing her life with a number of her own horses.  She has a particular passion for Iberian horses.

Louise is a certified and fully insured equine massage and manual therapist, and graduated from EMA (Equine Massage Academy) with Distinction in Equine Integrative Support Therapies.  As such, she follows a 'whole horse' approach to her work and enjoys continual learning in various aspects of the equine in terms of physiology and behaviour.  Louise has completed CPD in Equine Emergency First Aid, Conformation & Biomechanics, Advanced Myofascial Release & Kinetic Chains and Bit & Bridle Assessment.

Louise is based in Surrey with her family which includes Labradors Lily and Rosie and her horse, Boo.  She runs her own livery yard, currently with the herds totalling around 35 horses and ponies.

Louise offers pre and post sports massage, remedial and maintenance sessions, rehabilitation support therapy and veterinary referrals.

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