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Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist, Founder of Be.Counselling

Location/Areas Covered: Perthshire (Scotland)

+44 7960905644
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Naomi is an Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist based in Perthshire, Scotland.  She works with her team of four equine herd members to support those over the age of 16 with their mental health.  Naomi particularly specialises in working with trauma and neurodivergence. 


At the base of all of her work, with both clients and equines, is consent.  When working with the herd, the team do so with their explicit informed consent - this means that Naomi does not use halters to keep them with her, but rather she works by entering their space where they can choose to interact or take themselves away.  Through being with horses in this way Naomi feels we can look at what it means to create and mantain relationships in an authentic way when we have the safety and ability to show up exactly as we are. 


All the work Naomi offers is on the ground and non ridden.

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