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BEd(Hons) EBQ Level 2

Equine Behaviourist & Teacher

(+44) 7879427917
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"I am an equine behaviourist and teacher living in the Highlands of Scotland with my family, little herd of Shetland ponies and 5 rabbits! I have always loved all things horse and began teaching horse behaviour to children, adults and professionals 10 years ago. I have a passion for improving equine welfare through giving people the knowledge, skills and understanding to view the world through their horse's eyes.

Horse Play was originally founded when we lived in Yorkshire and is all about sharing a passion for equine behaviour and wellbeing with others. Through fun, practical experiences with the herd, we explore the Highlands whilst gaining amazing insights into the horse’s mind.

Our unique course is now also available online, Horse Play At Home gives you all the knowledge, understanding and skills to build a force-free, horse - centred approach to being with your horse."  


To find out more about Horse Play at Home, click HERE

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