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Independent Equine Hoof Trimmer offering supportive advice and care throughout the barefoot transitioning phase, and ongoing, with a 'whole horse' approach to hoof care

Location: Devon/Somerset Border

Areas Covered: Most of Devon, Most of Somerset, Some areas of Dorset

+44 07900 121112
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Clive Ponsford:

"My journey started in 2007, when taking horse barefoot was quite a new thing. Many of the practices I learned then I do not do today. Such as routinely trimming frogs just to make them look tidy. You could say I have evolved.

I am another equine professional that came to horses later in life.

I have a background in metal fabrication, and engineering supplies. It was this background that led me to see our new young horse slipping and anxious, in metal shoes on a concrete yard as wrong. Particularly as she was unshod (when she arrived) she didn’t slip.

At first my attention was taken by the shoes themselves. However, I soon discovered the complexity involved. Fitting something to a structure that flexes, is subject to large loads, and grows, is really not easy (understatement) particularly if you do not want to change the function of the structure, ie stop it flexing or stop it growing.  

My conclusion is that nature got it right (surprise, surprise) and didn’t need us adding things to the foot, but to understand what the foot needed to be healthy.

This set me on interesting journey of discovery. I have been lucky to have worked with many different horses over the years. I have worked with many challenging feet and horses.  My interest in a more natural way to train and communicate with horses has grown into a strong ethical working practice. In recent years I have been producing CPD days for equine therapists on the structure and function of the foot. I have recently completed an hour long CPD video for IAAT on the role of soft tissue in the foot.

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