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Equine Tellington TTouch® Practitioner

Location/Areas Covered: West & South Wales (and Oxfordshire by arrangement)

+44 1834 891639
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Ruth is based in the beautiful countryside of Pembrokeshire, and covers West and South Wales (and West Oxfordshire by arrangement) as a certified equine TTouch practitioner.

Ruth used to show and breed Connemara ponies and was an Advanced Medium level dressage rider and part of the Pony Club.  She later trained and qualified as a Tellington TTouch® practitioner Level 1. As someone who is passionate about how the individual equine experiences the world, providing choices and ensuring emotional and physical wellbeing, Ruth found her vocation in listening to the horse in order to best deliver her therapy.

Encompassing all aspects of TTouch, Ruth offers groundwork, ridden work and bodywork to find solutions for you and your horse.  These methods work in a force free respectful way, that build trust and harmony.  She is also working towards becoming a Surefoot Practitioner and continues her learning in her latest course in Equine Biomechanics, Lameness and Rehabilitation.

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