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Certified Connection Training Coach (2024), Positive Reinforcement Trainer, Student of Equine Behavior and Emotions, Specializing in Mustangs, Burros, and Unhandled/Traumatized Horses.  

Location/Areas Covered: In-Person Training & Coaching: Greater Phoenix Arizona Area
Remote Video Coaching: Worldwide

+1 509-341-4453
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Sharen Ross is one of five individuals worldwide currently completing a 12-month intensive program to be qualified as a certified Connection Training Coach in 2024. For the past 20 years Sharen has had continuous hands-on experience with owning, riding and training horses, with a specific emphasis over the past 6 years on working with mustangs using respondent conditioning, positive reinforcement, and connection training. Sharen is currently guardian and trainer for three mustangs and a burro, all formerly wild, and all with vastly different backgrounds and behavior profiles. She also provides hands-on training locally for horses in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, and video/remote coaching for clients worldwide. Sharen’s professional career over the past two decades has been at organizations that offer behavior change coaching and behavioral health services for humans, a career that has required extensive research, study, and application of the same behavioral science and learning theories used in our work with equines. 

Background Photo: Sharen working to build trust with Selena, a highly sensitive rescue horse, at Positive Horse Training Spain at Cortijo de Segura, October 2023.

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