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BSc (hons), PGDip

Veterinary Physiotherapist, Bodyworker, Equischolars Course Provider

+44 7551084884
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"‘Unfortunately for my non-horsey parents, I developed a healthy obsession with horses from a very young age and without access to the real thing initially, I immersed myself in books on every equestrian topic. The obsession continues as does the endless research and learning as each horse I am fortunate enough to work with teaches me something new, and happily, I now have my own herd of 6 horses, all unique in personality traits, physical issues and behavioural ‘challenges’, with whom I enjoy training with positive reinforcement and postural exercises to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. My treatments as a therapist include a range of techniques and use of electrotherapies adapted from my training in Equine bodywork and Veterinary Physiotherapy. I am now progressing my studying to incorporate osteopathic techniques into treatment sessions as well. I also enjoy working with young people and have now embarked on a new adventure delivering Equischolars courses to young people at a local riding school."

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